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Why Do You Need Sports Underwear?

May 31, 2022

Why Do You Need Sports Underwear?

Whether you’re simply kicking a ball around or training for a marathon, wearing the right foundational undergarments can help ensure that you put in your best performance each and every time. Yet, people often seem to forget that what lies beneath is every bit as crucial for both comfort as it is for optimal functioning.

You may be thinking, surely underwear is just underwear, right? In reality, the fabric you have right next to your boys could arguably be the most vital of all. Ill-fitting or dysfunctional undergarments could negatively impact your game, or, even worse, could leave you in all kinds of discomfort post-workout. 

Today, we will explore just how important sports underwear is and measure it up against other types of underwear.

Regular Underwear Doesn’t Offer the Same Support

Let’s face it, you probably don’t spend all that much time thinking about your underpants. That’s because, for most everyday activities, you probably don’t really need to. In the office, out with the guys, hanging with the fam… your underwear does what you need it to do, for the most part.  However, when it’s time to pick up the pace a little - grab your bike, lift some weights, fetch your rack - it’s a whole other story. 

If you don’t have the right kind of support when you’re doing these kinds of activities, you’re really going to know  it. Things will likely get mighty uncomfortable in the land down under, and fast! With the sort of loose-fitting undies that you’re probably wearing right now, you could soon be dealing with awkward bunching, riding up, or left picking out painful wedgies, which will not only get in the way and slow you down, but can also cause irritating discomfort. And when sweat and moisture enter the situation - forget about it - now, you’re dealing with downright painful chafing,

Sports underwear, on the other hand, has been specifically engineered to sit snugly against your body, and offer optimal support however much you move about. This type of performance underwear is designed to lift you up and hold you in place, keeping your most sensitive bits well out of harm’s way. The best bit is that, even though you’ll feel completely supported, you’ll still be able to move around exactly as you need to without any limited range of movement. 

Regular Underwear Is Less Likely To Keep You Cool, Comfortable and Chafe-Free  

Many day-to-day underpants are made from cotton, and with good reason. For regular use, cotton is excellent - it’s breathable, comfortable, and affordable. However, when you start to turn the heat up and get your sweat on, that’s where it all comes crashing down. Cotton may remove moisture from your skin, but it also traps it right there in your clothing, keeping it in contact with your skin for the kind of rub you REALLY don’t want.

If you’ve ever had to deal with post-exercise chafing, you know exactly what we are talking about. On your arms and legs, it can be tough enough to take… well, just imagine what that would feel like in your man parts - exactly! Avoiding this kind of stinging, burning friction pain should be one of your top priorities when picking out your workout clothing - especially your underwear! Keeping things dry down there is also vital for avoiding fungal and bacterial infection which flourish in the type of warm, moist conditions that can brew beneath your boxers.

Most sports underar on the other hand is constructed from man-made materials. The same ones that help keep your heels blister-free and your pits nice and breezy. These moisture-wicking fabrics remove sweat from your skin and are also quick drying meaning your clothing glides nicely across your skin with not a hint of rub. Beyond that they are nicely breathable, helping to keep things cool, calm, and hygienic in your nether regions. 

Is Sports Underwear Just for the Gym?

While sports underwear should be the only type you consider for working out - that doesn’t mean you need to restrict their use to the gym. If you find you like the comfort and support they provide, there’s absolutely no reason that you shouldn’t wear them day long. In fact, we are willing to bet when you find the right ones for you, you’ll never want to look back anyway. 

You might want to have a quick think about the fit, though. While keeping your parts nicely in place is smart for any occasion, some activities obviously require more support than others. You might opt for a size smaller for your sporting needs and go a little larger for everything else. However, that’s all down to personal preference so give it a go and see. 

Why You Should Give Turq’s Performance Underwear A Go

Turq’s performance underwear has been specifically constructed to live up to the demands of a busy and active lifestyle. They will serve you just as well in the weight room as they will at work - and anywhere else for that matter. With their incredible, seamless support and lightweight form-fitting design, you won’t believe just how comfortable underwear can be. 

Each pair of our under pants is made with silver-infused hydrophobic microfibers that not only keep you cool and dry all day long but actively fend off bacteria and their associated odors. Plus, they are available in an array of modern, stylish designs that mean you will not only feel great, but look great too. Make sure you put comfort and performance first the next time you go shopping for some new underwear.

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