It all started with a wave. Or really with a full day of waves, followed by a full evening of complaints.

Painful rashes. Constant itching. Creams and lotions that didn’t work fast enough. All echoed many times before by surfers of all ages. None of them willing to give up their beloved board shorts.

But this one night the cries landed differently. And we decided to do something about it.

The goal was simple: quick drying underwear that wouldn’t chafe. Or maybe not so simple because no one else had done it. So could we? The answer was hell yes, and then some. After two years of development, Turq Sport was born.

That was 2014. And while we’ve continued to improve our products ever since, we’re not done yet.

Thanks for coming along for the ride.

And stay tuned. The best is yet to come.

-Susan White, Founder