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Just How Tight Should Your Underwear Be?

March 28, 2022

Man wearing underwear

They say pain is beauty….and well, for some things, that may be the case, but when it comes to the family jewels gentleman, it’s just not worth it.

From discomfort due to pain and irritation to the need to constantly jiggle your parts around, ill-fitting undergarments can easily ruin your day and even be a detriment to your health. 

Let’s take a closer look at how to tell if your undergarments are underperforming and what you can do about it.

Why you don’t want your skivvies too tight… or too loose either 

While freeballing undoubtedly may have its time and place, you need your underwear to provide you with the proper support to help you through your various activities throughout the day. No matter the style, opting for the wrong size and ending up with underwear that is either too tight or too loose can hurt your performance, regardless of the activity and just plain, hurt you as well!

Underwear that’s too big? The support simply won’t be there. You’ll spend most of your days pulling your pants up, pulling the legs down, and generally adjusting yourself. Pick the wrong kind of material, and you’ll be dealing with painful chafing on top of that - gentleman, need we say more? 

On the other hand, letting vanity get in the way and going for a size too small is also not a good idea. Underwear that is too tight could restrict your range of movement and cause painful pressure indentations at the waist and thigh, as well as a strange, upsetting tenderness in your most precious assets. 

If that isn’t bad enough, too tight tighty-whities have been linked to a multitude of health issues, including raising your risk of developing urinary tract infections, and even contributing to acid reflux, and blood flow problems. They can also up the heat down there to nut-roasting temperatures which research demonstrates, over time, can lead to lower sperm production

So, how can you tell you’re wearing the wrong size? 

Whether you need undergarments to enhance your sports performance and show off your skills, or simply to get from point a to point b without having to move your junk around at every step you want underwear so comfortable and supportive, you can forget it’s even there because it is simply doing it’s job. 

In short, you know you are wearing the wrong size if you’re constantly aware of them. Your underwear should fit you like a second skin. It should be comfortable, supportive, and a pleasure to wear. You know it’s there, of course but you also don’t know it’s there. (Get it?)

You should be able to feel the waistband working (i.e., your skivvies actually stay up) without the elastic digging in and creating unsightly bulges. The legs should sit smoothly against your thighs without impeding your movement or riding up in any way. There should also be no excess material hanging down the back. (By the way, these are also all signs your current underwear is knackered, and that you need to get to the store pronto to buy a new pair). 

Finally, there should be some (but not too much) space to allow air to flow smoothly and keep everything comfortably cool in that region. After all, there’s a reason your swimmers are stored safely out in the “shed” away from the central heating! 

Picking the perfect underwear

Men come in all shapes and sizes, but luckily so does underwear. But you can’t always assume you’ll be the same size in every make and model. Pay attention to the measurements provided so you end up with something that won’t painfully pinch your parts, squash your sack, or just generally let you down. 

Aim for a fit that sits nicely on your legs while supporting your package out front. Nothing should feel uncomfortably crushed or unnecessarily restricted in any way. You should still have a full range of motion while feeling that your stuff is properly supported.

Between sizes? The thickness of your thighs (not to mention the size of your member) will dictate whether to go up or down. Don’t let vanity get in the way of comfort your man junk won’t thank you for it. 

Exercise enthusiasts might even find that they need different underwear sizes depending on what they are doing that day. For some activities, your boys are just going to need that bit more support, and you may need to go down a size. However, they may be too restrictive for everyday use. 

What the right underwear can do for you 

The right underwear is not going to simply protect your man goods; it will have an impact on your entire day. Underpants that don’t require constant readjustments are worth their weight in gold. That’s why we designed Turq’s performance underwear to offer the optimal level of support while allowing for completely unrestrained movement the perfect combo to combat chafing and to enjoy all-day comfort.  

The smart and sophisticated features do far more than that, though. Quick-drying, silver-infused microfibers wick away moisture to help maintain a more hygienic environment down there, while also preventing chafing and providing all-day odor control. Plus, the ventilated airflow keeps you cool and comfy as you face your day head-on. 

Just make sure to get the right size! 

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