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Weight Lifting vs. Cardio for Men’s Health

March 01, 2022

Weight Lifting vs. Cardio for Men’s Health

Exercise. You know it’s important, but work and life inevitably get in the way. Whatever your fitness goals, shedding some festive pounds, or getting ripped for the summer, if you’re finding it tough to squeeze in workouts, you’ll want ones that provide the most benefits with the least amount of time commitment. 

However, picking the perfect fitness regime can be challenging. Is it better to tire yourself out on the treadmill or sweat it out in the weight room? Here we’ll take a look at two top choices: cardio and weight lifting to help you decide which will work best for you. 


Cardio (cardiovascular conditioning) refers to the kind of exercise where oxygen is used to generate energy - basically, activities that get your heart pumping and leave you out of breath. While running is considered the gold standard for quick results, there are many other options, including cycling, swimming, rowing, and even walking.  

The biggest benefit to aerobic activity, as this is known, is that you can burn a relatively large number of calories in a single workout as long as you’re willing to put in the effort! The higher your heart rate goes (within reason), and the longer it stays elevated, the faster you will achieve your weight loss goals.  

Alongside helping you to battle the bulge, cardio has many other health benefits. Over time your aerobic capacity and endurance increase as your heart and lungs become stronger and more efficient. Not only will you be able to work out harder and for longer, but everyday activities such as walking up the stairs that may have previously left you huffing and puffing will be a breeze.  

Beyond that, experts suggest that these types of activities can also improve sleep quality, lower stress, and reduce joint stiffness for an all-around happier, healthier you. 

Weight Lifting  

Weight lifting (otherwise known as strength or resistance training) refers to high-intensity anaerobic exercises, such as lifting free weights such as barbells, dumbbells, and kettlebells or using resistance machines, performed in short bursts. 

Instead of oxygen-glucose is broken down to produce energy which is why you are less likely to be out of breath even when working just as hard. This does, however, mean that weight lifting doesn’t have the quick calorie-burning magic of cardio, but it does have other benefits.  

While you may not see any significant decrease on the scales (in fact, the number could even go up as muscle is denser than fat), gradually, your overall body composition will alter as fat is replaced by muscle. Not only will this help your clothes to fit better, but it will also up your resting metabolism. This means that you will continue to power through calories post-workout even when doing nothing at all! 

Beyond that, long-term resistance work will also increase your bone density. Stronger bones better support your joints making injury much less likely and reducing the chances of any breaks or fractures. It could even help ward off degenerative conditions such as arthritis or osteoporosis. 

Which is Best for You?

While there isn’t a single type of workout that’s right for every person, your specific fitness goals will dictate where your focus should be. Cardio will have you seeing faster weight loss results, while weight lifting is a bit more gradual, but it could help you keep the pounds off long term. It’s also, obviously, your best option if you’re looking to bulk up. 

However, for overall better long-term health, consider a combination of both methods. In this way, you can lose fat (and potentially weight) while gaining muscle and boosting your heart and lung health. Put weights before cardio to burn more calories with less effort and build strength. Opt for cardio first for enhanced endurance.  

Mixing and matching in this way is also likely to keep your fitness routine feeling a bit less, well…. routine. While we each have our own preferences, doing the same thing day in and day out will get boring fast. The best exercises are ones you are actually going to do and to keep doing. 

So, find workouts you love - sports, classes, weights, working outside…whatever. Switch it up as often as you like, and above all, try to enjoy what you are doing. Sure, it might take a little more time to see results, but they will happen.  

The Importance of Performance Underwear 

Now you’ve got the what figured out, it’s time to focus on the how. 

No matter what you’re doing, having the right clothes is key - and that starts right down at skin level. You want underwear that is going to help, not hinder your performance. After all, the very last thing you need to deal with when you’ve finally found the time and motivation to work out is chafing. 

Sports underwear is designed with smart, sophisticated features that provide the very best level of comfort, support, and protection when you are looking to be your best. These can make a massive difference to both your fitness routine and the results you see from it. 

Turq’s Paradise Pouch and Freestyle Fit are constructed from quick-drying, silver-infused microfibre fabric that wicks away moisture and provides all-day odor control. Their seamless design offers a smooth, friction-free fit with ventilated airflow to keep your special places extra dry as you work towards your best bod ever.

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