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What is Chafing and How Can You Prevent It?

April 08, 2021

Two men walking preventing chafing

We’ve all been there. That awful, uncomfortable and even painful feeling when your skin rubs together, creating the friction and irritation associated with chafing. Even the word itself sounds like bad news. Chafing is a reality of life, but there are certainly things we can do to promote better hygiene, and overall men's health to prevent chafing of the skin.  

So, first of all, what is chafing?

Chafing is a skin problem that is typically generated through repetitive skin to skin contact. Common areas in men that are prone to chafing are the groin or inner thighs or arm pits. It’s also referred to as intertrigo by doctors in relation to the inflammation that the skin to skin contact causes. Chafing can lead to anything from red, irritated skin and discomfort in mild cases or even welts and sores in more severe situations. Chafing can even create the perfect environment for infections from bacteria and yeast to emerge in more extreme cases. Besides skin to skin contact, clothing that continuously rubs against certain areas of the skin can also lead to chafing such as on the nipples of marathon runners. 

What causes chafing in men? 

People may be more susceptible to experiencing chafing due to their sensitive skin. When you perspire your salty, sweaty, and moist skin takes on a tackiness that creates friction when the skin rubs against each other, so instead of smoothly sliding against each other, the contact becomes rough and potentially damaging to the skin. Areas that tend to be hairy also can contribute to the kind of chafing that leads to infection, as they are prone to folliculitis in which the pores of the skin become clogged and inflamed. It is very common for men to suffer from chafing after exercising. Vigorous movement and activity will lead to perspiration and are more likely to cultivate a skin environment that is favorable to chafing. 

Men are also more likely to struggle from chafing in the summer and warm weather when they are naturally sweating more. When you combine sweaty skin and warm weather, it’s a recipe for disaster. But of course, the last thing you want when you’re having fun in the sun is to deal with the intense discomfort of chafing. 

So, how can you prevent chafing? 

1. Stay Cool and Dry

Again, chafing is more likely to occur in moist areas of the skin that have been perspiring, so you can tackle chafing head-on  from starting in the first place by maintaining more dry and cool skin conditions. Typically, this is a problem that occurs when you work out. If you wear the right kind of underwear when you exercise, made to keep up with the active lifestyles of today’s men, you can prevent excess moisture from collecting in areas of the skin that lead to chafing. Turq’s performance underwear is designed to keep active men supremely comfortable and dry all day long, engineered with moisture-wicking, highly breathable fabric that promotes healthy airflow and stops chafing from starting in its tracks.

2. Use Powder or Lube in Your Groin Area

Another method you can employ to keep your skin more cool and dry is to use powder to soak up and wick away any excess moisture that occurs from sweating.  The powder will also act as an agent that helps prevent the skin from rubbing together roughly, creating the friction that causes painful chafing. 

If you’re not fond of powder, you can try lubricant substances instead such as vaseline, or petroleum jelly. Keeping the areas of your skin prone to chafing lubricated will help prevent the skin from rubbing against each other, creating a protective barrier that enables the skin to more smoothly slide against each other.

3. Gear Up With the Right Performance Underwear

Your best defense against chafing from starting in the first place is gear up with the right kind of performance underwear. It’s about fostering a healthy, hygienic and ultimately, a significantly more comfortable lifestyle that helps ensure you are prepared with the right underwear for any situation that comes your way. Whether you are working out at the gym, or running along the beach in hot, sticky weather, a pair of Turqs will enable you to enjoy chafe-free, supreme comfort all day long. 

Turq men’s high performance underwear is engineered with a variety of features to promote healthy hygiene and comfort in men. Breathable fabrics promote more optimal ventilation and air flow, while quick-dry fabric wicks away moisture to keep you dry all day long. That in combination with supportive construction and antimicrobial material that prevents bacteria buildup, you can count on a pair of Turqs to help you tackle any situation without the chafe!

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