How Many Pairs of Underwear Should You Own?

November 21, 2022

How Many Pairs of Underwear Should You Own?

If you were to open your top drawer right now, how many pairs of underwear would you find? We’re guessing you probably have no idea. When it comes to clothing staples, you’d be hard-pushed to find any guy that keeps count. Why would you? As long as you can get your hands on a clean pair when needed, you’re happy, right? 

Except, it doesn’t quite work out like that, does it? Laundry gets overlooked, you can’t find the pair that fits right, or all you have left are the saggy, weird-colored ones with loose threads.

 So, what then? Do you freeball it? That might work sometimes… but not always. 

What if you just had enough underwear, so you were always covered (see what we did there)? Various factors will play into the number of undies you need. However, according to the experts (yes, there are experts), 25 is the magic number for most men. 

Seems like far too many? Let’s break it down: 

One For Every Day of the Week And A Spare for “Emergencies” 

An alarming number of men would answer the question of the number of underwear needed with some variation of the above. We want to know who these people are. Seriously! Between the constant laundry loads and them happily doubling up workout undies with casual ones, they must surely have hit on to some unique formula for life!

Probably not. Chances are they are either going without (and risking their nether region health) Or, and we shudder to think about it, but they are one of the supposedly 45% of the country playing the wrong-on-so-many-levels: flip-it and reverse-it game. 

That being said, on a purely mathematical level, eight pairs MIGHT BE enough IF:

  1. You can get your laundry washed and dried in one day on the same day of the week without fail. 
  2. Your entire collection can double up as regular, comfortable, sports, AND fancy underwear as well. 
  3. You only purchase the highest quality underwear and replace it often enough that you don’t need to worry about holes, sagging, or anything else. 

We bow down to all those “Gurus of Life” that manage all three. The rest of us mere mortals should consider the following when choosing our own particular magic number: 

How Often We (Realistically!) Do Laundry

Even if you’re pretty good about getting the weekly load in, which, let's face it, doesn’t account for all that many of us (there are few things as dull as laundry), it’s still a good idea to have 14 pairs of underwear. That equates to a week’s worth for when last week’s worth is in the wash. It also keeps things ticking nicely when things break down or when life gets in the way, as it all so often does. 

However, that still only adds up to just one pair a day…. Is that enough? 

How Much of Our Underwear is Multipurpose

Most of us have a favorite two or three pairs of undies, even in a collection of many. There might be something about the way they hug your junk, how they rub nicely against your thighs down under, or that you like how the color makes your eyes pop - who knows? 

If this is you, it’s time to ask yourself if all your undies are working for you. 

While some briefs might sit in the back corner of your drawer only to be hauled out for special occasions, you might have, let's say, a pair that fits just right under your dress pants. And that's just fine, but odds are you’ve got a few stashed away that seriously need to be retired. Take them out, toss them, and then count what’s left. 

Finally, if you’re the active type - running, cycling, soccer, whatever it may be… you’ve likely found that the underwear you like to chill out in just doesn’t cut it for those activities and vice versa. (If not, you might want to check out what dedicated sports underwear could do for you and your workout). This could mean that you’re doubling up on undies most days, and so the one-a-day formula doesn’t work for you. 

Top-Quality Undies For The Win! 

Having more than the bare basics when it comes to underwear means you’ve always got another pair for when your best ones let you down. You can happily chuck them and still have another (24) other pairs to hand. That being said, picking the right ones will reduce the number of times you find yourself in this situation in the first place. 

Turq’s Performance Underwear fits the bill on several levels. Here’s why: 

  • It features smart and savvy silver-infused hydrophobic microfiber for a smooth and supportive fit, quick-drying cool comfort, and all-day-long odor control. 
  • It’s specifically engineered for those with an active lifestyle, meaning it’s made for movement, protects against anti-chafe, and is perfect for everyday wear. Whatever the situation, you will be optimally comfortable and supported. 
  • It comes in a wide range of modern styles for men that look as great as they feel. 

In fact, the only thing Turq’s underwear can’t do for you (as far as clothing goes, at least) is wash itself. Sadly, you’ll still have to take the hit on that one. 

However… sign up for membership with us (get 10% off), and you’ll receive a new pair of underwear directly to your door (shipping free) every month. With such an effortless way to build your underwear collection, you may find yourself doing laundry so infrequently that you actually come to look forward to it! Imagine that…

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