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What You Need to Know About Going Commando

September 15, 2021

What You Need to Know About Going Commando

The concept of going commando, whether you have tried it or not, tends to elicit strong reactions. Did you know that a small percentage of men choose to not wear underwear at all? Yes, according to surveys, 5% to 7% percent of men go commando regularly. And at first thought, you might think it’s a fantastic and freeing idea as your man parts can finally get the chance to breathe. But is all of that liberation down there actually a good idea? 

We will be exploring this topic more deeply and baring all (we couldn't resist!) in regards to the things you need to know about going commando — including the good, the bad and the ugly. 

Why Men Like Going Commando

Ok, so let’s first dive into the reasons why men like foregoing underwear. 

More Breathable 

Going commando seems like it could be a supremely comfortable option. Without an extra layer of clothing to deal with between your man parts and thighs, you can enjoy increased ventilation and airflow, which can feel easy, breezy and just plain good. Also, the enhanced air circulation can help prevent sweating, helping you feel and stay fresher for longer. 

However, you don’t necessarily need to go without underwear altogether to enjoy more breathability. With the right performance underwear that promotes healthy air flow and circulation due to its advanced features, you can experience optimal comfort and a hygienic, supportive environment (while avoiding the negative consequences that can come from going commando that we will explore a little later).

Protects Sperm Health and Fertility

You may be surprised to know that some men choose to go commando to protect their fertility. Various studies have shown that tight-fitting underwear can negatively impact sperm production, even lowering sperm counts. One of the main issues with ill-fitting underwear is that it can keep temperatures down there too hot and above the optimal temperatures required to protect healthy sperm production. In fact, your man parts are structured the way they are with your testicles hanging lower than your torso, to help maintain a cooler environment and protect sperm health. 

Yes, going commando can keep you cooler down there, but the important thing to keep in mind is that ill-fitting, too tight underwear can hurt the health of your man parts — not so much that not wearing underwear at all will positively impact your sperm health and counts. Rather than foregoing underwear, the moral of the story is to make sure your underwear is properly fitting and supporting you, and then you can rest assured that your sperm health will be protected. 

Can Prevent Infections

Another reason why some men choose to go without underwear is that it can prevent uncomfortable and even painful infections on their man parts. As mentioned earlier, environments down there that are above optimal temperatures, besides feeling hot, sticky and awful can be hazardous to men’s health. Beyond affecting sperm count and production, a buildup of heat and moisture on your man parts can make for the perfect breeding ground for the development of bacteria and fungal infections like crotch rot or tinea cruris, which is also referred to as jock itch. Nasty, right? 

Again, you don’t have to necessarily free-ball it to ward off the growth of awful infections down there. To maintain the health of your man parts, you need to make sure you are wearing the proper underwear to maintain a hygienic, cool and fresh environment with healthy air flow. Men’s performance underwear engineered with smart, thoughtfully designed features such as silver infused microfibers to ward off bacteria and odor, and ventilated air flow with quick dry fabric will help keep you cool, dry and supremely comfy all day long.

Reasons You Definitely Do Not Want to Go Commando 

So, now that we looked at some of the reasons why men enjoy going commando, let’s look at the reasons why free-balling it can be a terrible idea. 

Can Promote Sweating and Lead to Sweat Stains 

While you may feel sexy going without underwear, the resulting sweat and sweat stains that can ensue are definitely not sexy, gentlemen. The truth is your underwear does a lot more for your man parts beyond supporting the boys and keeping you cooler and fresher; it acts as a barrier between your package and thighs, soaking up sweat and wicking away moisture to prevent sweat stains. But without underwear, your free-flying balls have no protection from a buildup of sweat and as a result, gross sweat stains can show through your clothing.

Lack of Support

Yes, the whole point of going commando is to feel sweet freedom. Sure, we get it. But what do you get with all of that extra liberation down there? An ill-supporting environment that lacks sufficient protection for your boys. You can think of the role of men’s underwear as similar to a woman’s bra. Just like a properly fitting bra keeps a woman’s ladies from excessively jiggling and bouncing around, well-fitting men’s underwear will also keep you optimally supported, keeping your balls comfortably in place, without limiting range of movement. In fact, you can even opt for pouch underwear that is designed with a designated area for the boys to be sufficiently supported for optimal comfort and support. 

Contributes to Chafing Due to No Protection

If this doesn’t convince you to forget about going commando, we're not sure what will! While it may feel freeing to go without underwear, one of the major problems is that your balls lack protection and can excessively rub against the fabric of your clothing, leading to uncomfortable and sometimes, awfully painful chafing. Again, without the proper support, your boys will move around excessively, and can further exacerbate the rubbing and chafing situation. 

Here at Turq, we are all about living by the motto of taking on the world confidently without the chafe! Our strategically designed men’s underwear was created to help you comfortably take on any situation — from on the field to the boardroom — knowing that your boys are properly supported, and the health of your man parts is supremely protected. Wearing the right men’s performance underwear will keep you comfortable, supported, dry and cool all day long, so you too can take on the world without the chafe!

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