When Should I Replace My Underwear?

December 29, 2021

When Should I Replace My Underwear?

Ah, the age-old question. Despite that every person you may ask may have a different answer, there are indeed general guidelines to follow when evaluating when it’s time to go through that underwear drawer and put it through the ringer. There’s also the fact that you may not alway get the most honest response to the question due to the possibility that many of us may just be too embarrassed to admit that we have a 10 year old pair of briefs that are still in rotation.

Are you ready to admit how long you’ve had that pair — you know the one with the crinkly elastic and hole or two in the crotch area? And when was the last time you went out on a mission to buy new, well-fitted sets of briefs for designated uses? Well, we’re here to bring you one step closer to that aha! moment and perhaps pushing you to finally throw those stink-bombers out. 

Here’s our small guide that follows our senses (and common sense) to help you determine when it is the right time to finally replace your underwear.

Let Your Nose Decide

Speaking of following your senses, one great way to evaluate when it’s the right time to say goodbye to that pair is to let your nose be your guide. As we’ve discussed before, underwear carries tens of thousands of bacteria, including both good and bad and they come with a smell. A just laundered set of briefs houses 10,000 bacteria, and their associated smells. With wear, more and more bacteria builds, and hence is left behind after each wear and wash. Normally a freshly laundered pair, despite already housing bacteria, shouldn’t have a strong stench, so once you notice a whiff of it —  that means the buildup is serious and it's time to throw it out and get a new pair. Simply put, if you notice even the slightest smell on freshly washed undies, it’s almost certain that their time has come. Thank them for their support over the years and say good-bye.

Go For The Feels

Another tried and tested way to tell if it’s time to change underwear up is the way they feel both to the touch and on your body. If the rubber is stretched out and not holding up, looking shriveled and loose, then the materials are no longer able to do their job, then it’s the right time to make the swap for a new pair of briefs. If you are noticing that material is sagging in places it shouldn’t be in which you actually need support — you guessed it —  toss ‘em. 

How Do They Look?

Does your underwear have holes? Is it stretched or sagging? Just doesn’t fit or support you in the right ways anymore? Yes, indeed the time has probably come to replace them. If you hold them up and there is no more shape to them, including those near see-through spots that should really be solid, or if you can’t remember when you bought them — if you remember owning them when you were in your first relationship - their time has come to an end. When you get that great new pair, the wonderful feeling of support and instant confidence you will feel will be worth it. Nothing beats that fresh and new feeling.

When It Just Makes Sense

Sometimes, you just know. There is no exact science or timeline to replace underwear, but it shouldn’t be rocket science either.  If you're going through in your mind, trying to convince yourself of reasons that a pair of underwear that has seen better days is still ok to wear while internally cringing at the thought that you still have them —  follow your gut. We find that a good rule of thumb is to set aside some time each month to sort through THAT drawer and decide to throw away THAT pair —  yes you know which one, the one you’re still trying to justify keeping. 

Some ways to stay disciplined in this not so regulated activity is to join a subscription network! By signing up for a subscription delivery of new underwear, you will give your underwear drawer that fresh look and feel, and force out those lackluster briefs whose moment of glory has long since faded. 

Choosing how often to replace your underwear or if you could potentially find some more life in that raggedy pair shouldn’t be an existential issue in your lives. After all, we have so many more important things to worry about. It's about enjoying less stress and more simplicity. You can and should replace your underwear regularly, not excessively and not with a ton of grief either. 

Find The Compromise

Above we have discussed all of the truly obvious telltale signs that it is time to move on from the beloved pair of boxers or briefs. But the reality is you don’t absolutely have to wait till your underwear stinks so badly that you have to be rid of them or the point where the idea of accidentally being seen in them would cause you embarrassment and anxiety for years to come. Balance is key in everything and so the best time to truly replace your underwear should be a midway point, a compromise. When you pick a pair up and wonder even for a second if they should go, assume that is your internal underwear replacement clock telling you it is time. 

So, next time you find yourself counting how many relationships that one pair has been through with you, keep in mind that there are new pairs of underwear out there waiting to make their way into your drawer to offer you optimal comfort and support. Invest in a sophisticated and savvy pair of men’s performance underwear to live up to your busy lifestyle, enhance your performance in your everyday life, and offer you the all-day comfort and support you need and deserve.

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