What to Wear for Best Performance in Winter Sports

November 29, 2021

What to Wear for Best Performance in Winter Sports

The air is getting crisper and you can start to feel the slight chill in the morning air...winter is  coming. And besides frigid temperatures, winter also brings snow which means all of your favorite winter sports, too. Whether you like skiing, skating, curling, ice hockey, or snowboarding, your main goal is to stay comfortable while active and maintaining top performance. So in today’s post, we will explore great high-performance gear to keep you on your A-game while out on the snow or ice this winter. 

The Key to Comfort

To achieve ultimate comfort during high-impact winter sports, the right materials are key. While cotton is soft, warm and comfy, it is not moisture-wicking or fast drying. It actually absorbs moisture and is slow to dry which can cause prolonged discomfort from excess moisture - something all athletes would like to avoid. This can especially be an issue in high-performance winter sports when you need to be quick on your feet and always on the move. When a game is at stake, the last thing you want is to find yourself worrying about a sticky, uncomfortable and possibly even chafe-inducing situation. So, let’s explore the kinds of winter sports apparel that will keep you dry, warm, protected and supremely comfortable the whole season long.`


Nothing is as versatile and as vital for comfort in the colder months as thermal. Thermal attire has now expanded beyond tops and leggings to include socks, headgear, gloves (the list goes on). Not only should you have this staple material in your closet in the colder months, but especially so to ensure your comfort on the snow and ice. Another great attribute of thermals is that they are form-fitting, thin and lightweight which makes them optimal for layering under heavier sports gear like a ski suit or hockey gear. 

Mineral-Infused Gear

Certain types of winter sports attire utilize sophisticated technology to optimize your performance on the snow and ice. Mineral- infused gear works by using the energy you exert while in motion and recycling it back into your muscles, helping to enhance your performance and speed up muscle recovery. Your body is already working in overdrive in colder months to keep you warm, so why not give your performance and recovery a boost by testing out this new technology for your winter sports gear? 

Fleece-Lined Leggings

When you think of fleece-lined apparel, an uncomfortably thick, bulky feeling probably comes to mind - obviously not the ideal description for your choice of apparel when you need to be quick,  and on your toes. Luckily the heavy fleece lined apparel of yester-year has become a thing of the past, and today’s versions are sleeker and lighter while retaining cozy warmth. So grab a pair of performance-oriented fleece-lined leggings to keep you feeling warm and cuddly without any of the added bulk whether out on the snow or on the ice this season.

Lightweight Headgear

When it comes to sensitive extremities such as your head, ears, neck or face - if you can no longer feel them due to exposure to cold weather, you're in trouble. And if you're lugging around heavy gear on those body parts…well, you’re also in trouble.  Your headgear should be versatile, soft and thin, but also provide warmth where and when you need it. These days you can find many thin, adjustable gaiters, coverings and hats, so make sure those extremities are kept warm and protected, so you can keep your focus on the game.  

Performance Underwear

An absolute staple in ensuring your comfort while in motion this winter is starting with the right base layer, the one closest to your skin and that plays the biggest role in your basic needs and parts feeling supported and comfortable - the right pair of performance underwear. When out on the snow and ice, you don’t want excessive moisture lingering in your nether regions or ill support to bog you down and interfere with your performance. Invest in a pair of smart and savvy men’s performance underwear engineered with advanced technology such as optimal breathability, enhanced airflow and ideal support without restricting range of movement. Moisture-wicking, quick-drying fabric will keep your dry, comfortable and chafe-free all season long….and long after winter is over, too. Because performance underwear isn’t a seasonal trend, it’s a lifestyle. So, if you want to enhance your performance, comfort and support in your daily life all year long, performance underwear is the way to go.

Compression Gear

If you will be engaging in high-impact winter sports this season, compression gear is another type of sports gear you do not want to be without. Compression gear is known for its integral role in helping to maintain proper blood circulation, blood flow and enhance the amount of oxygen in your muscle tissue. Beyond keeping your body parts warm, functioning and healthy, it is also vital in helping you maintain your top level of performance.

Turqs - that’s all we have for you! Stay safe, protected, supported and comfortable out there on the slopes, ice and snow this season.

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