Turqs Keep Younger Guys Safe From Board Short Chafe

June 09, 2014

Turqs Keep Younger Guys Safe From Board Short Chafe

Ever wake up and think – I just want to spend the entire day at the beach? Sure, all the time. Then, it finally happens – the day you’ve been waiting for. A day when the sun is perfect, the breeze is light and no one from work can find you.

You’ve planned this – so the prep is easy: get kids dressed in swimsuits, load up the car with an ample supply of beach balls, kadima paddles, skimboards, a beach umbrella, a cooler full of drinks and snacks, towels and spray on the sunscreen.

Only thing left to do is get there. Imagine the universe smiling down as you encounter zero traffic en route to your favorite beach.

More perfectly – all the kids are getting along. They offer to help carry everything from the car and the older one even helps you set up your chair cozily stationed under the umbrella he helped you plant.

Ahhh. Perfect.

Then, out of nowhere – and only 20 minutes in to your perfectly blissful family beach day – disaster. Your younger guys are complaining they don’t want to  swim or play kadima or skim board or run around. They are afraid, they whisper, of board short chafe.

Just when you think your perfect day will be cut short and you’ll have to load everyone up and take them home – you remember: Turq!

TurqSport Youth Collection
The answer to what to wear under board shorts!

Yes – you packed Turq swim briefs now in Youth sizes in your car! You quickly run back to the lot, grab the life saving briefs and have the boys put them on. Relief! No more board short chafe for them and a blissfully perfect beach day for you!

Turq swim briefs are now available in Youth sizes starting at a 23″-24″ waist. Because Turqs are non-chafing, quick-drying, anti-microbial and chlorine-safe they can save the perfect beach day.

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