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Turq Interns Stay Safe from Board Short Chafe

June 02, 2014

Pre-Race the Guys looking a little lax

This past Saturday as an inauguration to the Turq Team, we entered our interns, Federico Mato and Mateo Gowland, in the SoundSurfer Waterman’s Challenge hosted by DownUnder Kayaking in Westport, CT.

The guys are very athletic, though neither had spent more than a few minutes on a Stand Up Paddleboard before.

Safe from chafe quick-drying, non-chafing, anti-microbial Turq swim briefs under their board shorts, with borrowed gear – we sent them off in the 3-mile recreational race and just hoped it would all go well.

In their own words – here’s how it went:


Saturday I showed up to a paddleboarding event with a good friend of mine / fellow intern not really knowing what to expect.

But regardless, we showed up with our Turqs under our board shorts ready to race and sell some product chafe free. At the event we met a few of the elite riders and JM Kostallas, Turqs very own elite rider.

Hanging out with the entire Turq team was tons of fun, taking pictures and selling product while laying back and laughing with everyone.

When it came down to the race I wasn’t laughing as much because the butterflies kicked in, but once that horn blew I was off to the racing. The race was a great experience and coming in first made it even better considering I had bragging rights over my friend. Overall great time with everyone at the event.

And from Federico:

Going into a stand up paddleboard race for the first time was surely an interesting experience. Even though I didn’t know what to expect from a grueling 3-mile race, I knew one thing was for sure, that with my pair of Turq Swimbriefs, I was going to be comfortable the entire time.

I must admit, after the long 3 miles, every muscle in my body was aching, but I can honestly say that I was absolutely chafe-free. Regardless as to how much my legs rubbed against one another in order to keep myself balanced on the board, not once did I experience discomfort and it was all thanks to my Turqs!

All in all – a great day for a great cause. SoundSurfer raises money for children’s charities and Turq was proud to support them on this amazing day.

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