Features to Look for in Performance Underwear for Chafe-free Running

November 17, 2021

Features to Look for in Performance Underwear for Chafe-free Running

Many times, people overlook the importance of wearing the right undergarments for athletic activities. But the truth is the right foundation of support is crucial for helping to elevate your performance not only when running track on the field, but off as well and in other day-to-day situations in your life. Here at Turq, we are passionate about educating our audience about how choosing the right undergarments can help you set yourself up for success in many aspects of your life. 

Whether you are trying to adopt a healthier lifestyle by incorporating running into your fitness routine or if you are planning to run competitively, it is important to choose the right performance underwear for the job. In today's article, we will be exploring key features you should look for in choosing performance underwear for running. 

Things to consider when choosing performance underwear 

First, it is essential that your performance underwear needs to provide the proper support, keeping everything in place, without restricting any movement. Other key features include optimal comfort - the fabric and cut used is paramount to this. To optimize comfort you want to look for moisture-wicking materials that keep you dry and ultimately allow for a chafe-free run. When considering these features you can enjoy longer practices while avoiding rashes, sweat, and discomfort. 

Keep reading to find out the characteristics of the right performance underwear and why these features are important for a chafe-free running experience. 

Should you invest in good performance underwear?

Why not just go commando?! Well, while various shorts and running leggings on the market feature built-in briefs, these options typically do not provide the support needed for a high-impact sport like running. Shorts, especially, do little to protect you from the discomforts of chafing. One of the other inferior features of sports garments with built-in underwear is their lack of ability to wick away moisture and dry quickly. In running, the last feeling you want is that of moisture lingering around parts you’d like to stay dry.

Moisture-Wicking Technology 

Wearing moisture-wicking performance underwear is vital. While you’re exerting yourself, quick-dry fabric engineered with moisture-wicking technology will help pull sweat away from your body, allowing for increased breathability, while keeping you dry and supremely comfortable all day long. Again, the last thing you want is a feeling of sweat and stickiness in your nether regions. 

Chafing is caused by the friction of body parts rubbing up against moist materials which can be avoided with moisture-wicking fabric. While staying in place, the material also provides an extra layer of protection between your parts and the elements. In addition to anti-chafing and moisture absorbing properties, moisture-wicking performance underwear can help your body cool down by allowing the sweat to evaporate faster - which is one of the best temperature regulators you can ask for. 


Again, the goal is to stay optimally supported, comfortable and chafe-free, before, during and after your run! Choose performance underwear with advanced features including mesh cooling zones, anti-microbial and anti-odor technology. These features help prevent unpleasant odors and unwanted moisture, ultimately providing protection against common rashes or infections that can come with intense exercise or heat exposure.


Different underwear serve different purposes. Contrary to the comfortable and relaxing underwear you would choose for sleeping, you will need a pair of performance underwear that provides proper support in the right places. You need a fit that works with your body in motion - staying in place and allowing for a comfortable run.  So, make sure that you look for supportive performance underwear that is snug and secure - where and when you need, again without restricting any range of movement. 


While you may have preferences in terms of which style of underwear you like to wear on the day-to-day, on a run you definitely want to go with performance briefs, especially if your thighs touch like they do for many of us - whether we like to admit it or not. So, to avoid uncomfortable rubbing of the thighs which can cause chafing, especially in a high-impact sport like running, choose a secure, longer brief that will provide an extra layer of protection. Boost your confidence and comfort while on the run by choosing the right style that is preferred by runners.


What do we want? Comfort! When do we want it? Now! So let’s talk about how the right pair of chafe-free underwear can make that a reality.  One key feature that allows for ultimate comfort during your run is a breathable pouch. This designated pouch enables your guys to feel secure and sweat-free when they are in the throws of a high-impact activity like running.

Regardless of your activity level, it is vital to look for performance underwear that is soft, stays in place, and comes in a fabric that wicks away moisture while keeping you feeling snug and secure by choosing smooth, quick drying fabrics and avoiding cotton. 

We hope this guide has helped you identify key features to pay attention to when deciding which pairs of chafe-free underwear are right for you so you can focus on what matters most when you hit the track. 

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