Turq Answers the Most Asked Men’s Underwear Questions

December 13, 2021

Turq Answers the Most Asked Men’s Underwear Questions

Here at Turq, performance underwear is our passion. That is because the right performance underwear offers you a strong foundation to reach and exceed your potential in any area of your life. So, yes underwear is a seemingly small part of our wardrobe, but it is absolutely crucial to your support and comfort and helping you perform optimally in any situation. And with so many types, styles, materials, and uses these days, it is no surprise you may have a ton of questions about the differences, the rights and wrongs, and the what ifs. 

So, we thought it was time to put these queries to rest once for all, and offer you Turq's ultimate guide of answers to the most asked men’s underwear questions.

Read on to finally get those questions answered to go on living a happy, healthy and chafe-free life!


Why do we wear underwear? 

The million dollar question. Well, we’d say this is largely due to a hygienic reason. We wear underwear to counteract bacterial build-up in that region. Bacterial overgrowth not only causes pungent odors, but is also a detriment to health. It is also vital to wear underwear — and not just any underwear that is. It is vital to wear proper fitting, performance underwear that can live up to your busy and active life, and provide you the all-day comfort and support you need. 

Why is my underwear always wet?

Well, let’s think about the area it is encompassing. Your underwear is nestled somewhere between body parts that get hot, sticky and are constantly moving, touching, and rubbing. If your underwear is always wet, iit’s due to the fact it’s not sufficiently equipped to enable your...ahem.. man parts to receive enough ventilation. This can lead to a buildup of moisture from sweat. Moisture wicking and fast-drying properties in your underwear are crucial to keeping wetness at bay. 

Do you wear underwear under compression shorts?

Yes. Always yes. While compression shorts are great, they serve a somewhat different purpose from a good set of chafe free performance underwear. Compression gear in general is designed to increase blood flow and keep up healthy circulation. And while it tends to be form-fitting gear that is associated with compression gear, it is not the right material for ensuring optimal comfort, dryness, and separation of the parts that you can only find in the right pair of sports underwear. We know that comfort is key when you are on the move, and because of that we highly advise that you do yourself and your most important parts a favor and wear a good pair of sports underwear underneath for optimal comfort and support.

How often should I buy new underwear?

So, we went to the experts on this one (we are experts but may be slightly biased). There is no magic number here as this largely depends on the quality of the underwear, how well you take care of it, and how many pairs you have in rotation. Here are some telltale signs that you really need to go shopping for some new briefs. If the elastic doesn't hold, the material bunches up in places it shouldn’t have that kind of movement, and/ or there is a perpetual smell you just can’t seem to wash out —  it.is.time. 

Scientifically, that smell is caused by bacterial buildup and continuing to wear a stinky set of briefs past their expiration date will only cause a buildup of unhygienic practices. Don’t become (or smell like) one of those people that can’t remember how long it’s been since they bought the underwear they have. 

Is it bad to not wear underwear?  

This question brings us back to that question about why we wear underwear to begin with. 

Technically, it can be quite healthy to give the boys some breathing space on occasion. But in order to enjoy  optimal comfort and support as well as promote a hygienic and healthy environment in your nether regions that can support a high performance lifestyle — only a high quality pair of high performance underwear will do. Another point to keep in mind is that your outermost layers such as shorts and pants tend to be thicker and coarser, holding onto moisture holding for longer, and as such, increase your chances of dealing with that dreaded chafe. So let’s keep the free-hanging to a moderate amount and enjoy all-day comfort and support without chafing by wearing a clean, high quality pair of performance briefs, daily.

Is it good to sleep without underwear?

Short answer — YES! The benefits of sleeping sans underwear are plentiful, and it is not only good to sleep without underwear, but also highly recommended for both guys and gals. Imagine being tightly squeezed together for prolonged periods of time, with limited ventilation, and covered in several layers, no matter the temperature outside. That should give you a pretty good idea of how your parts feel when in underwear all day, weathering the ups and downs of the day together with you. So give them some air and a little bit of playing room. 

Other great benefits? For one — better sleep! Yep, that's definitely something we all are perpetually chasing after. Cooler body temperatures help our bodies relax into sleep whereas an accumulation of heat and muskiness can make us less comfortable throughout the night and make falling asleep more difficult.

Going commando at night is also a hygienic idea as it can lessen the chances of developing infections and helps maintain healthy sperm. And what better way to allow our bodies to detox than to give them the conditions that enable toxins to escape —  a key one being temperature, which you guessed it, can be lowered by giving your bits some much-needed breathing space. 

Why does my underwear smell?

Scientifically, that smell is caused by bacterial build up. Our nether regions are a breeding ground for all kinds of bacteria, including the good and the bad, and most of that bacteria comes with a smell. What can help curb that smell ? —  a pair of moisture-wicking sports underwear. These advanced and sophisticated types of performance underwear help you stay cool, comfortable and dry all day long, preventing accumulation of moisture which is key to avoiding  pungent smells and as a bonus — these smart briefs stop chafing in its tracks!

Can I wear my underwear for more than two days?

Clean underwear houses over 10,000 living bacteria, so can you imagine what that number is like after a few hours of wear. Think about wearing it for a whole day, and NOW think about 2 or more days —  you get the point by now, we hope. Continuing to wear a stinky set of briefs for prolonged periods of time is definitely not optimal. Multiply that by each day past that first “safe” day —  and it’s just a breeding ground of bacteria upon bacteria and stink upon stink. Somewhat surprisingly, 45% of Americans admit to wearing their underwear for 2 or more days. Let’s not contribute to that stinky statistic, please.

Can I wear the same underwear after working out?

Another short answer — NO! Remember our recent discussion about smells caused by bacteria, sweat? Sure, a great set of quick drying and moisture-wicking briefs from Turq may be total game changers for your comfort support, performance and everyday health for your main parts. However, it simply is not hygienic to continue wearing the same pair of underwear after vigorous exercise, which remember, is the piece of clothing that gets the grunt of the stink. Underwear is the first thing that you should change after a workout. So, while you certainly CAN wear the same underwear after working out — you most definitely DON’T want to. 

Stay dry, stay stink and chafe-free, stay healthy. 

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