How to Stay Comfortable and Chafe-Free on Long Flights and Drives

September 27, 2021

How to Stay Comfortable and Chafe-Free on Long Flights and Drives

Who doesn’t love a travel adventure? Maybe, you’re gearing up for a drive to the cabin for the weekend, going on a cross-country road trip or preparing for a flight to visit family in another state. Travelling is, of course, a wonderful way to explore incredible new places, expand your horizons, enjoy quality time with family members you may be visiting and ultimately, have an awesome, fun and recreational experience. The key to ensuring your experience stays that way is by preparing properly so you stay comfortable and entertained the whole time you're travelling. Because we all know travelling when you're bored and uncomfortable can be downright miserable! The truth is many times, the more prepared we are before we embark on our travels, the more enjoyable getting to our final destination will be. 

So you’ve been itching to finally take that trip to Thailand and spend weeks backpacking through the backcountry. Or maybe you're looking forward to a long-anticipated trek up Mt. Everest, but the accompanying 24+ hr flight leaves a lot to be desired. Wherever your next great adventure is taking you, read on for helpful tips on how to prepare to be comfortable and entertained the whole journey long.

Bring and Charge Up Your Digital Devices

We all know how travelling can be pretty unpredictable from last minute flight delays to ill-equipped planes that leave us bored and restless. So, what can you do to counter this and make sure you are all set to be entertained through your whole voyage? It’s all in how you prepare. 

Preparing sufficiently means bringing all of the things you will need to keep yourself busy and maintain an enjoyable travelling experience. Some flights may be well equipped with wifi and charging ports etc., but we all unfortunately know that those aren’t always a given or guarantee, as they may not connect properly to your device or simply not work. Make sure you have a backup battery pack for your phone or laptop, because you want to avoid landing somewhere new with a dead phone (been there — not fun), or having your laptop die midway during your final edits on a major work project that you had promised to send through before you got on that plane. And of course, remember to have your music with you. If the entertainment system is down, and your laptop is dead, you will at least have music to lift your spirits and get you through the journey. 

Allow for Spare Time 

Packing and preparing for a big trip can be stressful, and when it’s a long anticipated trip or a vacation with someone special, it can be even more so. A great way to help mitigate that stress, worry, and last minute jitters? — Allow ample time if you accidentally, unfortunately run into any Murphy’s Law type of situations. Get caught in traffic you weren’t anticipating on the way to the airport? Scrambling to find your passport? Need to run out last minute to buy that item that Amazon didn’t deliver on time? If you account for any of these situations popping up when you least expect them (and least, need them), then you can be prepared when they do happen.

Preparing properly for these types of situations will help everything run more smoothly and you may actually get an hour to chill and wind down before the big journey. The key is to consider the circumstances that can occur that can get in the way of you making it in a timely fashion, and prepare for them ahead of time so you can avoid running through the airport like a crazed maniac, or last minute trying to stuff that oversized item into the car (because you swore it would fit, but never checked). Prepare ahead of time so you can take your time, pace yourself, and start your adventure off stress free. 

Travel in Optimal Comfort 

More precious hours of potential sleep can be enjoyed on flights and unnecessary back pain and discomfort can be avoided during those long drives when we only remember to dress and pack for comfort in our carry-ons. Eye-mask? Pillow? Comfy hoodie? If you remember to take self-care items like these along with you on your trip, you will be able to keep yourself comfortable and zen out rather than feel miserable and stressed. 

It may not be the first thing you would consider, but a key element to ensuring you stay comfortable your whole journey long is by preparing with the right undergarments. Gentleman, we are talking about performance underwear. And, while they can absolutely be your secret weapon to enhance your performance in physical sports and feats out on the field, in the case of travelling, their performance will involve you staying supremely comfortable throughout your whole voyage. You want to ensure your boys are properly supported, comfortable and cool and not at odds with each other for the 12+ hours you may be on the road or in the air. Smart and savvy men’s performance underwear is engineered with advanced features to maintain breathability, enhanced airflow and ideal support without restricting any range of movement to ensure you stay cool and comfortable your whole journey long, while avoiding irritating chafing at all costs. Is there anything worse than a boring flight or drive? — Yes, one in which your underwear is ill-fitting and causing awful and painful chafing. So guys, remember to wear the right performance underwear, the perfect undergarment solution for men for any situation, and don’t forget to pack a bunch when you arrive at your destination so you can take on your whole trip happily and confidently without the chafe!

Pack Layers 

How many times have you boarded a flight and in no time, gone from sweating to freezing your behind off? Or maybe your triple, even quadruple checked the weather at your destination for days, only to arrive at an unexpected, totally out-of-the blue storm, or heat wave, or the coldest winter yet to be seen in 50 years? Does any of this sound familiar? The key is to pack layers, for any circumstance so you can weather the weather whatever the weather! (See what we did there?) 

Taking layers means having a variety of different types of clothing designed for various weather situations along with your including t-shirts, basic long sleeves, zip ups, sweaters, jeans, a light hat, scarf or even packable jacket, convertible pants that go from short to capris to full length, etc. With garments and accessories like these you are far less likely to find yourself feeling miserable about that totally unexpected weather that can totally make or break your trip and overall experience. And Always. Pack. A. Hoodie. For. The. Plane. Planes are notoriously drafty and your neck that will stay stiff neck free will thank you later. 

Stay Hydrated 

We don’t have to tell you the importance of drinking water so you stay hydrated. Making sure you are getting a proper intake of water is not only important to your health, it will help you stay comfortable throughout the whole journey, too. Drinking plenty of water is absolutely key to arriving at your destination with a chance of less headaches, as well as other aches and pains. Are you driving and want to avoid a ton of rest stop trips? Still not a reason to forget to drink, my friend. Starting your trip off dehydrated is a no-go and can be hazardous to your health. 

And we all know, planes typically have stuffy environments that suck all the moisture out of the air -— another reason to make sure you're hydrated and...moisturized. Yes, just because you’re not a gal doesn’t mean you should be arriving at your destination looking dry, patchy and looking like all the moisture has been sucked from your face too. So, avoid this not-so-great look, by remembering to apply face moisturizer before your flight. You will look and feel infinitely better as well. 

Safe, and comfortable travels everyone.

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