Get Set to Jet: The Savvy Guys Packing Checklist

May 28, 2021

Get Set to Jet: The Savvy Guys Packing Checklist

Ah, vacation. Sure, it’s all good once we are at our tropical or sightseeing destination, or what-have-you, but packing for said destinations can be kind of tricky and even stressful.

Does this scenario sound familiar? 

You get to your destination and realize you forgot something, or that you should have packed something instead of another item that did make it into your bag. And the truth is we know that we should make a list to help us keep track of the things we need, but of course...things are also easier said than done.

So, we wanted to help out, creating an ultimate travel packing checklist the next time you’re gearing up for a vacay! And we aren’t going to focus on the things you already know. Because we don’t need to tell you to bring 5 shirts and 5 pairs of shorts. No, we are going to discuss the things that may not have crossed your mind, the items that you wished you remembered that will really add to the quality of your experience on your trip as well as make your vacay life that much easier — once they make it into your bag, that is.

1. Consider the weather (at all times of the trip)

When you’re packing for your trip, don’t just pack the clothing items you will need when you arrive at the destination. Think about the clothing that you will need for the days you are actually travelling. Maybe, you want to prepare a jacket or sweater for the airport and your flight, as airplanes are notoriously drafty. You will need comfortable shoes that are easy to take on and off to get through security and will continue to feel comfortable for long car rides or throughout the duration of your flight. 

And of course, you would prefer to have only ideal weather on your trip, but unfortunately weather conditions can become unexpectedly inclement and it’s best that you’re prepared. So, it’s a good idea to bring a small umbrella with you just in case. 

Also, think about the temperature changes you could experience on your trip. For instance, you may be travelling to a tropical island with a typical forecast of 75 degrees and sunny, but you may decide that you want to go on an excursion that takes you into very different weather conditions. A great example is if you were to go sightseeing or hiking on a mountain. With higher altitudes as you would experience on a mountain, the temperature can be freezing even though way down back on the mainland it’s scorching hot! So, don’t forget about preparing yourself for the weather conditions you may experience on excursions, tours and different activities you do on your trip. 

2. Comfort ( Especially when it comes to your undergarments. One word, er three: High Performance Underwear)

Everyone knows to bring underwear when they go on vacation. But what you may not realize is to make sure you have extra. You never know what situations you will run into and your future self will thank you for remembering to bring extra pairs. And for that matter, don’t just bring the bare basics. Having the right underwear will make a huge difference in your comfort on your trip as well as before, when you are first travelling to reach your destination.

High performance underwear should be your go-tos to ensure that you experience supreme comfort every day of your trip, no matter where the situation takes you. Men's performance underwear is engineered with advanced features like ventilated air flow, quick-drying fabric and silver-infused microfibers to promote a healthy and hygienic environment in your nether regions and keep you dry and comfy all day long. This is especially important if you are planning to go to the beach or take part in high energy activities on your trip, as you want to do everything you can to prevent irritation and chafing. Designated pouches in men’s performance underwear also will offer your… ahem... parts, the proper support and separation they need while not restricting any range of motion.

And we're sure, if you look back on times that you were unfortunately ill-prepared, you probably all too easily remember the frustrating consequences you paid with discomfort, chafing and irritation. (Yes, we've all been there) But do better for yourself this time! And make sure you are properly prepared, for fun in the sun and any activities that come your way with the right performance underwear. Like we said before, your future self will thank you...

3. Technology 

It goes without saying how important technology is to our lives these days. And the truth is, even when on a vacation from your everyday life, you probably still don’t want to be without certain digital devices...or you will be going through some pretty serious withdrawal. 

Of course, you still need your phone. Not much else needed to say about that. We know we don’t need to tell you why. And you would most definitely benefit from having your tablet while on the plane so you can spend the time watching a movie, or binging your favorite tv shows. (Just make sure you remember to download everything you need onto the tablet before you get onto the plane.) And while it’s so easy to forget, you really don’t want to be without your phone charger — as your phone probably won’t do you much good without one. They are not easy to come by and may even be more expensive to purchase in the airport or resort town where you are headed, so just remember to bring yours. And for that matter, bring a backup one too. 

4. Healthcare

You know your healthcare shouldn’t go out the window when you go on vacation. Of course, even in the land of endless sunny days, bluer skies and frozen cocktails seemingly on demand, you should be still continuing to look after your health. So make sure to pack whatever prescription meds you may need and that you have the prescription bottles they come in on hand with their original labels, and maybe even a doctor’s note. That way, you have what you need and can avoid any issues with security. 

You probably also don’t want to forget painkillers. Just in case, you come down with a headache from too much fun in the sun or whatever the situation, you want to be prepared. And don’t forget the little ones. If you have kids who are coming along with you on your trip, make sure the kiddos have their painkillers on the ready as well. 

And speaking of those of us who may be more accident-prone, remember to pack a first aid kit. Again, your future self and your loved ones will be happy you did because the last thing you want is to scramble when you’re at your destination for things like bandaids, antibiotic cream, eye drops, etc.

Ok, well all that's left to be said is… happy travels...and happy packing!

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