Chafe Challenger of the Month!

October 29, 2013

Turq SwimBriefs aren’t just for surfers. Active guys challenge the chafe in many different ways. This month’s Chafe-Challenger is David Whiting who has just placed his second order for Turq SwimBriefs.

David is the Assistant Chief at the Columbus OH Division of Fire. David initially purchased the SwimBriefs to combat the chafing from wearing unlined boardshorts this summer. Now, he realizes the benefits of wearing Turq in any activity where he might sweat or get wet. With his challenging career fighting fires he doesn’t have time for chafing. Says David:

I would like to say that I love your product. I got my first pair this summer because many times bathing suits tend to rub your skin raw and thought I would try it. I liked the fit and it prevented chafing. Thank you for your product.

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