6 Items Every Hockey Player Needs

November 14, 2022

6 Items Every Hockey Player Needs

If you’re struggling with a gift idea for a family member or friend, drawing inspiration from their hobbies can help you find something great. Sports is a good pick because it’s less of a hobby than it is a lifestyle. In that way, it opens the door to some nifty, personalized, and practical gift ideas. 

Take hockey. Not only are there some pretty specific kit and equipment requirements, but the game itself inspires a whole host of unique presents that can often be enjoyed off the ice as well as on. Some even go so far as helping to improve the giftee's game - for a sports fan, what could be better than that? 

So, if you are hoping to track down something for the hockey lover in your life, be they a serious player or an enthusiastic amateur, here are some great ideas to get you started. 

A Decent Kit Bag 

When looking for something that your hockey-loving partner, buddy, or kid will get plenty of use out of, hockey gear is the obvious choice. However, clothes and accessories can be a tricky buy as you need to be sure of the type, brand, size, etc. Unless you’re sure of the specs and preferences of the person, you’ll likely be shying away from this particular option. 

A hockey equipment bag, on the other hand, is an idea worth looking into. Not only is it a functional pick, especially if the bag you’re replacing is not fit for its purpose or is on its last legs, it also shows you have put effort into deciding what to buy. Beyond that, with so many styles to choose from, you can tailor the bag to the individual’s specific tastes, thus completing the gift-giving rule-of-thumb trifecta - practical, thoughtful, and personal. 

Hockey Stick Protectors

While delighting someone with a brand-new hockey stick might seem like an excellent idea, this could all too easily go horribly wrong. For arguably the most vital piece of equipment, any serious player will have very specific requirements for their stick. They will likely also be willing to dish out a fair bit of moolah to get something professional and of the best quality. 

What this means is that unless you have been given specific guidance on what to buy (vitals statistics, product links, etc.), or you are a bit of a hockey pro yourself, and you are up for spending more than your average amount, it might be best to leave the other person to it with this one. However, an item so cherished will need proper care and attention, so a hockey stick protector is another top choice. 

Some Socks 

Ahhh, onto the old reliable gift ideas. Not too romantic (if that’s the note you were hoping to strike), but let’s face it - you can never have too many socks. Especially when you live to be active. Few people fail to realize that in hockey, as in most sports, socks can make or break a game. Yes, they really are that important! 

Socks help boost comfort and stability by soaking up sweat, reducing friction, providing cushioning, and keeping feet toasty too. This all adds up to better skating and enables the player to focus on wiping the floor (...well, ice in this case) with the competition. Suddenly socks are looking better and better by the second as a gift idea, am I right? 

And, speaking of things people need yet somehow never seem to remember to buy for themselves… 

Performance Underwear 

Nothing can stop a star player in their tracks quite like uncomfortable rubbing in places they’d rather not talk about. Sadly, for hockey players, the combination of repetitive leg movements and sweat sets up the perfect conditions for dreaded chafing. So, if you feel up to presenting the birthday boy with a nice new pair of briefs (often needed even more than socks!), just make sure to choose the right ones.

Performance underwear is specially engineered for active individuals with features that support efficient movement, sweat (and odor) control, and, best of all (in our book), protect against chafing. Available in various functional yet stylish designs, you’ll be presenting your guy with something that is incredibly useful, thoughtful and will help him feel optimally comfortable and supported on the ice and off. Yes, performance underwear is the perfect foundational garment for any situation and adventure he finds himself in! Plus, for those unaware of performance underwear and how it can up their game, you’ll be turning them on to a great new thing. Trust us; this is the gift that keeps on giving!

Training Aids

For something that goes above and beyond the run-of-the-mill, you can’t go wrong with giving somebody a present that will make them even better at something they love doing. Hockey training aids, though, are numerous and varied, so it pays to get a little inside knowledge when considering one as a gift. A few subtle well-placed questions can help direct your purchasing decisions without giving the game away. 

Armed with more information about the ways your friend or family member is looking to better their hockey performance, you can then choose between:

  • A Slide Board for speed and conditioning training.
  • A Passing Aid for better stick handling.  
  • A Shooting Pad for help with lining up puck shots. 
  • A Training Sled for improved acceleration and mobility on the ice.

Tickets To A Game

Finally, for those looking to stay far away from the potential awkwardness of picking out a piece of clothing or equipment for your pal, tickets are always a good option. What better way to give the ultimate hockey fan the ultimate hockey treat than by taking them on a trip to see their favorite team in action? A day or evening at the rink will always be a memorable experience - especially when it’s an experience that is shared with friends. 

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