5 Things Your Children Need for Football Season

May 19, 2022

5 Things Your Children Need for Football Season

As you know, sports are great for getting your kids active. Football, in particular, is excellent for speed training, building dexterity, and enhancing overall fitness, as well as learning about competition and working as part of a team. However, unlike other team games that may just require a basic gym kit, football requires a specific set of gear. 

If your son or daughter is just getting started with youth football, and you’re not much of a sports fan yourself, you might struggle with knowing exactly what they might need for the upcoming season. That’s why we’ve compiled a quick list of the basics, so you’re not left hunting down last-minute must-have items right before the first practice.

Protective Gear

For all the benefits it offers, football can be a little tough on the body — even at the junior level. That’s why it’s crucial for players to have the proper protection. This includes items like helmets, neck collars, mouth guards, jockstraps, shoulder pads, and knee pads. Most of this is mandatory and so will usually be provided by the school or club. 

However, it’s still definitely worth checking out the types of protective gear your kid is given and the kind of condition they are in. Consider doing some research into the different options available to ensure your kid’s gear is optimally protective. You might decide you want to equip your kid with a few of these items on your own dime for hygiene reasons and to ensure that they fit well and do the job they are supposed to. 

Gloves and Cleats

With the dual purposes of providing protection against scrapes and abrasions and helping with grip for catching and keeping hold of the ball, gloves are another must-have football item. Likewise, cleats, which is another name for athletic shoes with studs on the soles are important with their additional traction they provide when running on a muddy, slippery field. 

Both of these can be pretty costly, especially if your child has a preference based on what their friends or favorite sports stars are wearing. However, they really don’t have to be. These days there’s an excellent range of high-quality gloves and cleats that offer protection and enhance performance without breaking the bank. You just need to shop around a little. 

Sports Bag 

Having a dedicated sports bag makes it easier to keep all the things you need all together in one place. This reduces the amount of time you’ll spend tracking down items that have gone astray right at the very last minute. Encourage your kids to remove items only for cleaning and put them right back in their bag again after. 

A good kit bag should be big enough to fit everything. It should also be lightweight and durable and have compartments for safely storing away smaller items such as mouth guards. Look for a bag with a separate space for cleats, so you’re not putting muddy shoes in with everything else every time. 

Football Kit

While a game day kit will likely be provided, you’ll probably have to purchase a jersey and pants for practice. Before doing this, it’s best to check in with the coach. They may ask you to get a specific type or color for team identification. Pay attention to size and fit. It’s best to have your kid try them on with the pads, so you know they will not be too tight. 

The right kind of underwear can be crucial here too — and even a game-changer (pun intended). Again, you are going to want to pay attention to size and fit so droopy drawers, or too-tight pants don’t get in the way or cause discomfort and irritation.  Turq’s youth sports underwear is great for active boys and teens with its quick-drying, non-chafing, odor-fighting material and sleek, snug-fitting design to keep them cool, comfy and optimally supported. 

Water Bottle 

As we all know by now, hydration is super important. That’s why it’s vital to always equip your kids with their own water bottles. That way, they can always have water on hand for a quick slurp between plays. While it may seem like any old bottle will do, it pays to look around for something that won’t leak, is easy to clean, and can withstand a few knocks. 

Plastic bottles are a good option for younger kids, while steel types work well for older ones. Something with a straw or nozzle is better for sports. Your kid will often be sipping on the go, making spillage a real possibility. A bottle that’s insulated will keep the contents chilled. However, a handy alternative is simply to add ice to cold water all through practice. 

This list covers all the basics of what your child will need when starting out with football. However, they could have more specific requirements as the season goes on. That’s why it’s always a good call to keep in regular contact with the coach. They can let you know what else your kid may need if they take on a specific position or get involved in competitive games. With their experience, they will likely also be able to advise you on the brands to look out for and the local shops that stock them. Having the right gear ready to go means that your kid can keep their head in the game and focus on having a great time with their peers.

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