Cedar | Freestyle Fit

$34.00 USD


Ventilated Airflow

Silver Infused Microfibers

Antimicrobial & Odor fighting

Quickdry Technology

Anti-Chafing Design

Non-compressive Support

The original Turq, our Freestyle Fit was engineered for those who live an active lifestyle. Made for movement and styled for comfort, the Freestyle Fit includes essential features for high-performing men. Quick-drying fabric makes it possible to go from wet to dry in minutes, all-day odor control means you won’t have to worry about offensive nether regions, and a roomy front pocket works to keep you comfortable and safe from chafe all day long. Set your day up for success with our ultra-supportive signature style, the Freestyle Fit.

Fights Odors

Antimicrobial fabric embedded with silver eliminates bacteria from within your brief’s fibers — preventing mildew, bacterial buildup, and unwanted odor

Quick-Dry Fabric

Special fabric works to wick away moisture and keep you dry all day long

Supportive Construction

Keeps everything comfortably in place while allowing an unrestricted range of motion

Ventilated Airflow

Strategically placed mesh panels allow for unrivaled airflow to help your boys breathe


A roomy front panel keeps your boys comfortable and separated from your thighs without being compressive

Turqs are designed to move with you — offering a smooth, supportive fit without restricting your range of motion. To find your perfect fit, follow our Turq Style Tips below:

  • If you prefer a more casual fit and feel or have a larger or more muscular build, we recommend ordering a size up
  • If you prefer a closer, more snug fit and feel or have a smaller build, we recommend ordering a size down
  • ALL Turqs have a 5" inseam, except for our TRUNX Collection (3” inseam)

"The ventilation has reduced how much I sweat. The comfort is incredible."


John M [verified customer]

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Good over all

My order took a lot long than expected, but the my order took place around the holidays so that may have attributed to the extensive shipping period. Over all my order was good, good quality!

Very very satisfied!

I am a person that understands money is very hard to come by. My dear old dad always told me you have to earn double the money you want to spend. So, If you need $100, you have to earn $200. That said, I have tried probably 20 different brands, from high end department stores to most recently a “ Knitted” private company brand of a similar price point. Everything I buy myself is high end, and is to make my life better, more comfortable, and always attractive. TURQ is the oddest under garment I have ever purchased for myself. I am a medium, and have lost quite a bit of weight. Right now, the legs stay in place, and they do not stretch out, or blouse by the end of the day. Also, the waistband stays intact, there is zero roll. I plan on gaining back 10-15 pounds, and I am positive because of their unique construction, the Mediums will still fit perfectly after some weight gain. They dry fast, and somehow keep me cool, and there are no moisture accumulations ever. I have two pairs, Cedar (green), Ocean (blue), and I’m going to be getting Redwood (red) very soon. These are hands down my new favorite underwear. As soon as I accumulate enough, I will be discarding any and all other brands from my drawer. Thanks for making my undies more comfortable.


Super Style and Comfort

I like this color the best. They look great and feel even better. Can I get these from any local shops?? I need more!!!

Love My Turqs

Best undershorts ever!

Color Doesn’t Matter

Love these things, i have been wearing them for years and they last forever. I finally wore a couple pairs out and had to replace. NO MORE CHAFFING