by Guest Blogger and Turq Brand Ambassador–Jeramie Vaine

jeramie-hand-standIf you asked me ten years ago about Yoga. I would have chuckled and said yes I’ve heard of it.  Maybe even fumble through a couple poses. But I never thought it would play such a huge role in my life.

Today, as a professional Stand Up Paddleboarder, Stand Up Paddle coach, Yoga and SUP Yoga instructor, I practice daily. Whether it is out on the water doing SUP Yoga or integrating it into my coaching, Yoga has changed my life for the better. It has allowed me to compete at a high level as an athlete, travel the world as an instructor and share a passion. Most importantly introducing the healthy benefits that yoga provides to the people I meet.

jeramie-up-dogOne of my favorite disciplines of yoga integrates two passions of mine, Stand Up Paddleboarding and Yoga –SUP Yoga.  It has been a major influence in my land practice as well as my life — the connection with the water, freedom to explore the unknown, and the challenge.

Like life, SUP Yoga can throw us curve balls. The water moves–requiring us to move with it.  Or we fall as our mind wonders off — maybe into the future or the past.  We may lose focus of the task at hand, but the quick, wet reminder brings us back to the present quickly.

jeramie-side-angleThe practice itself is very user friendly. The poses can be modified to keep us dry, but also provide a great challenge and connection with the water.  We can use almost any stand up paddleboard to explore poses and receive the benefits that SUP Yoga offer.  If you haven’t tried yoga before, that is not a problem.  SUP yoga is for anyone and very beginner friendly.


Whether looking for something new to try or just to change up a routine, SUP yoga is something to consider. With classes at indoor pools, outdoor pools, lakes, rivers, ponds and the ocean. Taking in a class in person is a great way to fully experience SUP Yoga.  I’d love to have you join me or hear your story about your practice.

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