These Turq shorts are the most comfortable thing ever to wear not just under your boardshorts, but under everything wetsuits, walking shorts, jeans. I thought I would just want to wear them when I am going in the water but they are great if have an active lifestyle, and also if you just want to relax on the couch. Once I put one pair I never wanted to take them off!!!
These are the best!! I was always dealing with chafe with my board shorts. Not anymore after wearing these. Thank you for a great product. I think I am going to start wearing them everyday since they are so comfortable.
Let me just say, I stay CHAFE FREE! I am a very active individual in all aspect of life and generally take things to the next level. With an extensive background in sports like soccer, coolegiate cross country runner and a semi professional surfer and flowboarder I put my body to the test. Having a product like Turq Sport that can keep up with me while also protecting me and keep me comfortable while doing so for an extended period of time, deserves a positive review! I wear them on a daily basis, sometimes even when the aren’t clean (don’t tell my girlfriend that) just so that I know I wont be coming home with a chafing problem and will alway remain comfortable doing any activities, no matter what they may be! Thanks again Turq Sport for keeping me Chafe FREE!
Initially got these expecting that they would help while wakeboarding, wakeskating, etc. They fully met my expectations for those activities and I will never ride without them again. However, what I did no expect was for these to become the best briefs I have ever worn. Turq’s are now my go to for land and sea! Thank you guys for creating these!
Stoked on my Turqs they prevent chafing. I can stay on the water longer, allowing me to train and ride harder. You should get your today!
-Evan  Pro-Kiteboarder
I have been a water rat since I first learned to swim and there are few things that are as comfortable and functional under board shorts than turqs. The fit is excellent, you dont feel like you are wearing compression shorts, is like wearing nothing. Fabric is ultra light and breathable, washes and dry’s easily in water and ready to do for another round.
These Turq’s are awesome. I use them every time i go to the pool or beach.
My son always made me cut out the netting in his bathing suit, so when I saw the story behind the product, I knew this was for my son! So far, so good! He was swimming, tubing, knee boarding, and fishing and no complaints about comfort. Plus he thinks the band is cool. Great product!


Chafing has ruined many a fun day at the waterpark and beach for my younger son. No longer! He LOVES these swimbriefs–he instantly put them on and then wore them all day, even though we weren’t swimming. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


My son LOVES these! After a day of boogie boarding and body surfing, he had no chafing! The fit is comfortable and no sand got past the waistband or legs. Getting a pair for my husband next!




I got these for my son, and he really likes them. So far he has worn them for swimming, but he may also wear them for sports.
My son loves it! He said it’s totally comfortable. Will continue to buy as he grows.
These work GREAT! No more chaffing.
My son has suffered every single summer from swim truck rashes (and he is 11) and this is the first time he has been able to enjoy himself completely in comfort! Best product EVER!
I am 45, runner, swimmer and work out regularly, These are the best sports underwear I have ever purchased. They feel great! No chaffing, they dry quickly when they get wet so perfect for the summer, swimming and beach. I have tried everything on the market and these are by far the best ! I will use nothing else and have bought a few pairs for my 3 boys. They will live in them all summer.
I travel quite a bit and I like to pack light. These are mainly advertised as swim briefs but they are excellent for all sports. I can wear them for a run one day and for swimming on another. They dry fast, do not chafe and great for all sports.
I bought these for my husband. He was skeptical at first – but just tried them and loves them. Definitely recommend giving them a try.
If you spend a lot of time in a wet swimsuit / board shorts, you should consider this product. My husband loves his. They have no seams to rub, are smooth-fitting board short liners that really help prevent chafing and discomfort when he’s in the water or out being active. Wear them underneath your wet suit, swim trunks, or even athletic shorts and they provide a layer of comfort and protection. He’s even started wearing them for running under his running shorts when it is hot and humid because they are so comfortable. A side benefit is that because he doesn’t wear wet clothing, his summer running heat rash has subsided to almost nothing. Although he doesn’t bike much in the hotter weather, I think they’d be comfortable for cycling as well.
Turqs are made with hydrophobic microfibers that have been infused with silver to make them anti-microbial (and thus less prone to odor). They’re quick-drying and there are no irritating seams in the front, side, or back—just comfortable briefs, through and through. Form-fitting and supportive,
I wore these for several days on my recent vacation…in an out of the water with a mile walk to the beach and a mile home. They are extremely comfortable and I had no chaffing or irritation. I will be buying more of these for my kids.
I bought based on reviews, but still wasn’t sure what to expect. Holy insanity was I surprised! These were so freaking comfortable I wish I could wear them all the time. Super soft, nice support, no rubbing/chaffing, I wear them mostly for swimming and haven’t had problems with them wearing down like other products. When I run in them I fell no rubbing. This was big for me because I used to run a lot and was skinny, but since school I’ve gained a LOT of weight and my legs rub, but with these on I didn’t even notice. If I wasn’t a poor college student id definitely buy more. If you are wondering if these could really be worth the price, YES they really are!
fit great and very comfy. Eliminates chafing and they don’t ride up.
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