Staying Safe from Boardshort Chafe is Poetry

One way to become our Chafe Challenger of the month? Write a poem about your experience with Turqs.

Earlier this month at Surf Expo in Orlando, we met Tom Fucigna Jr, a freelance writer. Tom stopped by to see us at the Turq booth. Somewhat skeptical at first, Tom asked all the right questions about the non-chafing, quick-drying, anti-microbial, chlorine-safe swimbriefs.

Ultimately though, it’s about experiencing life without the chafe. Tom left with a pair of Turqs and recently sent us his thoughts on his first experience challenging life without the chafe:

I bought a pair at the end of the day Saturday at Expo, and finally got out on the water last night, shooting a promo video for Bic Paddlesports here in Jupiter. I realized at the end of the night that I hadn’t even thought about comfort issues anywhere between my knees and my bellybutton, so that’s great!

Tom was so moved that he later sent us the following poetical tribute to Turqs:

Mother Nature may stroll gracefully

but mortal man succumbs to circumstance

when our bathing costumes rub us raw

along the inseams of our pants

For the full range of styles, sizes and colors, visit us @

Thank you so much, Tom for being our first Poet Chafe-Challenger of the month!

Tom isn’t only a friend to Turq and a great writer, he’s also a friend to beaches everywhere. Tom is part of The One Piece Plan – a community asking members to make a commitment to pick up one piece of trash every time we hit the shoreline. If you’d like to know more about Tom and his most recent projects – visit The One Piece Plan on Facebook.

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