Name: Pearce Cucchissi
Hometown: Greenwich, CT
Age: 23
Passion: The pursuit, progression and constant adventure of all sports. Which one is dependent on location, natural conditions, and equipment.
Age discovered extreme sports: Elementary school
Best place to do extreme sports: Wherever the waves are biggest, snow is deepest, lake is cleanest, air is smoothest, mountains are most beautiful, roads are perfect, and where your crew is missing no one. I’m always searching for a better place.
Things I love: All forms of surfing, wake boarding, skiing, skateboarding, speed flying, skydiving, motorcycle riding, auto racing, cliff diving, climbing, mountain biking, mixed martial arts, and maintaining a high level of fitness to continue them all.
Hero/heroes: There are so many people pushing the limits of what’s possible each day that it’s tough to pick just a few. Laird Hamilton, Shane McConkey, and Tim Kennedy would start my list.
Aspiration: To be able to sustain a lifestyle centered on action and adventure sports.
Career Highlights: Days that produce the biggest smiles.
Words to live by: Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.
Turq talk: Turqs allow me to stay comfortable in any conditions. I’ve taken them through jungles, high surf, freezing mountain tops, 1,000 feet out of a plane, and high speeds on a bike. They can handle it all.

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