Name: Keaton Everet Billings
Hometown: Palm Bay, FL
Age: 10
Passion: Anything in or on the water – Surfing, wakesurfing, slyding
Age started Surfing: After my 8th Birthday
Best place to surf: My home break, Paradise Beach in Melbourne
Things I love: Rubix cubes, sushi and working on my surf art
Hero/heroes: Surf Hero – Kelly Slater is my local favorite, and Dave Rastovich is my all-time fav
Aspiration: Inspire people thru my life
Career Highlights: Summer 2015 – I won my first season trophy!
Words to live by: There is only one you, be the best you that you can be
Turq talk: I love that I can go camping or surfing and I never get a rash when I’m wearing my Turqs!

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