Introducing Turq’s Campus Ambassadors!

This year we are proud to launch Turq’s Campus Ambassador program for the 2015-2016 school year! As the summer is coming to an end, our Campus Ambassadors are here to show you why Turqs are an essential addition to your college packing list. With Turq’s anti-microbial, non-chafing, quick-drying, seamless design, you can find Stephan wearing them at the track, Mateo on the soccer field, Matt and Tom at the basketball court, and all our boys staying comfortable walking around campus. With so many clubs and extra-curricular activities colleges today have to offer, don’t let chafing hold you back. Here’s a little more about our ambassadors:

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 12.23.51 PMMATEO GOWLAND: Fordham University

Mateo plays for Fordham’s
Division 1 soccer team. As one of five sons, he loves playing around with his brothers whether it’s skateboarding in the neighborhood, going kayaking, or playing ping-pong in their backyard. He’s always down for an adventure after his first sky diving trip in Summer 2015.

Fun Fact: Mateo’s taking pride in his mustache and 5 o’clock shadow right now, but nothing will ever compete with his dreadlocks from a couple years ago.

Beau BEAU DEALY: Georgetown University

Going to school in D.C., it is no surprise that Beau is studying government, but he may throw Spanish on top of that.  When he’s not in the classroom, Beau loves to play tennis and is always up for a competitive doubles match.

Fun Fact: Although he has never been in any singing groups in high school or college, Beau loves to charm the ladies with his outstanding voice.

STEPHAN DECARLOScreen Shot 2015-09-02 at 12.53.19 PMBowdoin College

At Bowdoin College, Stephan will be going into his sophomore year focusing on math and science. As a jumper and sprinter for Bowdoin’s track and field team, you can usually find him on the track, but he makes sure he has plenty of time to hang out with his friends and play some basketball for fun.

Fun Fact: Trying to get Stephan to make a serious face is impossible.



After going to Indiana University for his freshman year, Matt transferred to Boston College where he is now. He’s excited to be closer to home on the East Coast and show off his Turqs at the gym and on the basketball court. With his preppy wardrobe and bleach blonde hair, there is no way you can miss him walking on campus.

Fun Fact: From Bruce Springstein to Jay- Z, Matt is the king of karaoke.

MARK JAROMBEKScreen Shot 2015-09-02 at 12.49.19 PM: University of Delaware

Being an avid runner, Mark loves to stay in shape by running all through campus.   He has already completed one marathon in Vegas and hopes to complete another one soon. As one of 6 kids, Mark loves that he always has someone to go outside and be active with.

Fun Fact: Despite his rougher look, Mark’s a sucker for puppies (His family even fosters up to 10 puppies at a time!)


Playing since he was a little kid, Matt has always loved baseball and is the go-to guy if you have any questions about the latest game. Growing up in a big Italian family, Matt loves his pasta and was a favorite in his dorm especially when his grandma or mom sent over some homemade Italian cooking.

Fun Fact: Matt makes every photo better by throwing up a 1.


Tom plays on Boston College’s nationally ranked club basketball team. Going into sophomore year, Tom plans on continuing playing for the team and is psyched to have his best friend since childhood, Matt Ellsworth join him. As the oldest of four kids, Tom loves to take his brother 1 on 1 in basketball and show him who’s boss.

Fun Fact: Tom will own a Greek island one day.

JACK MCDONALD: Skidmore College

Jack defends the goal for Skidmore’s Division 3 hockey team, sticking to his Canadian roots. Growing up in Aurora, Ontario, influences of hockey and athletics were everywhere he turned. Besides the memories he has made on the ice, one of his favorite experiences was a three-week community service trip he went on to Tanzania.

Fun Fact: No, he does not know Justin Bieber.

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    • Hi Faith–thanks for your interest in Turq! The fabric, fit and technical attributes are the same for the 3 collections. The difference is in the styling. STOKED has a multi-color patterned waistband and solid body. RENEGADE has an athletic styled elastic logo waistband and a Mixed color fabric for the body. FREESTYLE has a simpler self fabric waistband that is a bit less rigid. Hope you’ll try them out! -Susan White

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