Hang tight and feel good about it: Grassracks

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Is this your garage?

So, you’re at that point – everyone in your home has a different athletic passion.

Dad – being that he’s in that 40-something phase – is now cycling with his friends every weekend. In addition to the skin tight outfit complete with padded bike shorts and faux Tour de France top – Dad has a lot of cycling gear. Super sleek road bike. Summer helmet. Winter helmet. 3? Maybe 4 pairs of cycling shoes. There’s a lot of stuff.

Penny. Gotta have the Penny

Penny. Gotta have the Penny


Bill Junior has decided to forego college and focus on a career(?) in skateboarding. Sure, why not. Like his dad, Bill has equipment for every occasion – the casual, yet trendy Penny(™) board, longboard for skating streets and doing some tricks and the electric skate board for, as Bill says, ‘commuting’. Bear in mind he’s commuting to the skate park….

Bill’s brother, Jeff fancies himself a surfer. This may be the most gear-heavy sport in our home. In addition to several boards of varying length, there are wetsuits, drysuits, shorties.

Me? I just want to play some tennis. Maybe a little croquet with a sparkling wine in the backyard. And, really, I just want an organized garage. Like, one that you can park a car in?

Thanks to Grassracks – that’s NOT too much to ask! And, better still-  because Grassracks products are made entirely from incredibly strong, solid and beautiful bamboo, they not only look great in your garage, but also make you feel good that you are using some of the most sustainable materials on earth.

Check out how we got organized….

For the 4-Something Cyclist

For the 4-Something Cyclist


Dad’s Bike and all of his awesome gear are now neatly organized on the RackCycle.

Hooks for his helmets and even a shelf up top to store his cycle shoes or for anything else he might need.


Nice Rack!

Nice Rack!


Our ‘Pro’ skateboarder now can add ‘detail oriented’ to his resume as his equipment is meticulously merchandized on Grassrack’s skateboard rack. In case you’re wondering – yes, because this rack from the MoloKa’I Series can hold up to 150lbs, you could also store snowboards here…let’s not give Billy Jr any ideas!


The best rack ever

The Kaua’i Series




The Kaua’i series not only has enough space for several boards…but, Jeff is using the bottom rack to hang his wetsuits – brilliant.


The Grassracks are super easy to mount and assemble and have made an enormous difference in our once over geared up garage! We are hanging tight now and really feeling good about it.


Juice Rack

Juice Rack

As for me – this is the only rack I need – just hoping Grassracks adds one to its assortment soon!



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