Name: Corey Howell
Hometown: Melbourne, FL
Age: 20
Passion: Surfing, working out and training, as well as assessing and rehabilitating injuries
Age started Surfing: 4 years old
Best place to surf: Warm, clean water surrounded by friends that push your confidence and athleticism!
Things I love: Learning new exercises and stretches to enhance my athletic performance and rehabilitate others’ injuries. And cooking!
Hero/heroes: CJ Hobgood, Kelly Slater, Lewis Howes, Tai Lopez, Devin Physique
Aspiration: To train and rehab elite surfers on the WSL as an Athletic Trainer and Physical Therapist. To inspire and motivate athletes/ youth to maintain healthy nutrition and train like a beast!
Career Highlights: Two professional level victories, six junior pro wins, nine East Coast titles
Words to live by: “Everyone wants to be a beast until it is time to do what beasts do.” #EatCleanTrainMean
Turq talk: Turqs conceals the post gym stench

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