Name: Branden DeFilippo
Hometown: Merritt Island, FL
Age: 23
Passion: Surfing
Age started surfing: 14 in Cocoa Beach, FL
Best place to surf: New Zealand
Things I love: Working on cars, hanging out with my friends, and surfing!
Hero/heroes: Andy Irons
Aspiration: Surfing on the QS, and simply to surf to the best of my ability and have fun doing it!
Career Highlights: Winning 1st place at ESA and ASF East Coast Championships in Men’s Short Board, and obtaining two east coast titles in one year!
Words to live by: Do what makes you happy, and don’t forget where you come from.
Turq talk: Turqs are the best performance sports underwear I’ve ever worn! I truly wear them all the time, for any purpose! They’re so light and comfortable, you hardly notice you’re wearing anything at all!

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