Interview with Brand Ambassador: Corey Howell

IMG_1936-3Corey Howell, who is a current brand ambassador for Turq, traveled to the NSSA Nationals. The UNF Surf Team placed 2nd in the Nation, runner up to Point Loma from San Diego, CA. Corey won his first National title and was also awarded the Chuck Allen trophy for outstanding surfing, scholar work, and leadership. 

After the contest, Corey took a red-eye flight home, in Jacksonville, to show up in time to go straight to the Jaguars stadium for work. Corey recently finished his summer internship with the Jaguars and Turq was able to interview him about his experience!

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When did you decide you wanted to be an athletic trainer?

When I was a junior in high school, I sustained a minor back strain that eventually grew worse.  The injury progressed for a few months to a point where I couldn’t drive without experiencing excruciating pain. Once I rehabbed and nursed myself back to health, I became infatuated with staying healthy, stretching, and exercising. I was finishing my general education courses at UNF with my major declared in Biology, but I began to notice that my colleagues, older friends, and I as well on the path as a Biology Major had a stressed out lifestyle.  I knew I didn’t want to continue my college experience like this, but I also knew I enjoyed sports and studying athletic injuries, so I decided to try out the Athletic Training program.

How did you get involved with the Jaguars?

The Athletic Training program is fortunate enough to have the NFL Jacksonville Jaguars and the MLS Jacksonville Armada offer positions to Athletic Training students to gain additional experience over the summer. I figured why not go all in and learn from the best!

Did you grow up a Jaguars fan? 

My life has been centered around surfing so I didn’t have the slightest clue when it comes to football.  Everything was new to me; practice, plays, positions, and even players. I was working with BIG time athletes, yet I didn’t know who they were or how much influence they carried in the community. I grew a large respect for the amount of time these athletes put into the game, on and off the field.  Nonstop studying, weight lifting, practices, and treatments, it’s definitely a demanding job. Always have to root for the hometown team!

What was the coolest experience you had working for the Jaguars?

For me, I am a closet nerd so I found all of the devices and modalities that the athletes had at their disposal extremely interesting. All of the various gadgets served a specific purpose to carry out different systemic effects, so I was at awe to observe and learn.

How do you balance school, training, surfing, & working? 

I believe I am able to juggle school studies, clinical work, professional surfing, cooking, and training because they are all things I enjoy.  Each activity plays a pivotal role in influencing the next. I keep a healthy mind and body to fuel all of my activities, and I utilize my studies to open new ways to improve my life. Although at times I feel exhausted and angry that I have so much on my plate and obligations to other activities, I also feel at peace that I am doing the best I can with the tools I have been given. My support from my family, sponsors, professors, friends, and community is what keeps me going when no one is looking.

Do you have any free time??

I definitely have free time. Like most people, I will sit down and watch a whole season on Netflix, play video games for a few hours or just hangout with my friends. Lately I have been more constructive with my time by reading self-development books and working on my fitness website geared towards surfers,

What does the future hold for Corey?

I believe the secret to success is following your gut and stepping outside your comfort zone. My friends and I are always speculating on how to turn a good opportunity into a great, so we have some incredible goals planned. But for me personally, I want to develop my website, earn my Doctorate in Physical Therapy, and be affiliated with professional surfing utilizing my scope of practice as a scholar and professional surfer.

Do you have any advice for students pursuing their athletic goals?

Dream big, set goals, and create action. It is common to find someone that promise something, but rare when they follow through with their promise or offer.  I think the best thing a person can be is consistent. No matter what your goal or profession is, consistency will produce results.

Everyone wants to be a beast until it is time to do what beasts do.

Corey is currently planning a strike mission to Nicaragua or Costa for solid swell, we wish him the best of luck!

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